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6,44 EUR*
Details Werewolf Secrets: Book 6 (Alfie the Werewolf, Band 6)

Alfie and his friends are on holiday. A break from all the werewolf mysteries and spooky goings on? No chance! When Alfie discovers a creepy old house full of mysterious portraits and a family tree that features his name he has to investigate ...and ...

20,89 EUR*
Details One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak Expansion

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak Expansion

3,62 EUR*
Details Werewolf in Bangkok

Sunfilm Werewolf in Bangkok, USK/FSK: 12+ V?--Datum: 15.02.08

17,99 EUR*
Details The Werewolf of London

Paul ROLAND & MIDNIGHT RAGS The Werewolf Of London CD

5,90 EUR*
Details Dionaea muscipula Werewolf - Venusfliegenfalle - 3 Samen

Dionaea muscipula Werewolf ist eine Venusfliegenfalle mit grossen, grünen, geraden Fallen und kleinen Zähnchen.

22,99 EUR*
Details The Werewolf of Paris (Pegasus Crime (Hardcover))

The Werewolf of Paris Endore s classic werewolf novel now Back in print for the first time in over forty years helped define a genre and set a new standard in horror fiction. Full description

23,30 EUR*
Details geschlachtet Lamb Handtuch inspiriert durch American Werewolf In London

Luxus-Handtuch mit gesticktem Logo. Inspiriert durch American Werewolf In London.

8,04 EUR*
Details Curse of the Werewolf/+

Bandes originales des films : Curse of the Werewolf, The Prisoner, The Net, So Long at the Fair Medley / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Carl Davis, direction

8,97 EUR*
Details Abused Werewolf Rescue Group

A werewolf? I kept stumbling over that word; it made no sense to me. How could I be a werewolf? Werewolves didn't exist. When Tobias Vandevelde wakes up in hospital with no memory of the night before, he is told that he was found unconscious. In a zoo ...

14,70 EUR*
Details Looney Labs 19 - Are you a Werewolf, Standardspiele

A vengeful group of villagers must figure out who among them is a werewolf (before it’s too late...) Are You A Werewolf? is a deception party game for 7-15 players. Players are assigned roles secretly. Most players are Villagers, two or three will be ...

18,14 EUR*
Details Easy Model 37024 Fertigmodell Russian Air Force Ka-50,No.318 Werewolf

Easy Model 37024 Fertigmodell Russian Air Force Ka-50,No.318 Werewolf

5,66 EUR*
Details My Best Friend is a Werewolf - Medium Kunststoff Kühlschrankmagnet

My Best Friend is a Werewolf Design professionell gedruckt und in einem Medium 70.5mm x 45mm durchsichtigen Kunststoff-Kühlschrankmagnet ummantelt.

13,03 EUR*
Details Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale

Frostbite Horror-star Wellington returns with the first book in a new series, introducing an unforgettable heroine with an impossible choice to make. "Frostbite" also presents a brilliant twist on the werewolf genre, in which the hunter becomes the ...

13,90 EUR*
Details Pegasus Spiele 17800E - Ultimate Werewolf

Your quiet little 16th century village has suddenly become infested with some very unfriendly werewolves ... can you and the other villagers find them before they devour everyone? Ultimate Werewolf is the ultimate party game for anywhere from 5 to 68 ...

9,98 EUR*
Details Werewolf Rising

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